Walden University strives to make a positive social impact and that is directly reflected  in it’s degree programs, choice of professors

Walden University strives to make a positive social impact and that is directly reflected  in it’s degree programs, choice of professors, coursework, and commitments. A core commitment that Walden makes when the university develops and improves the curriculum is ensuring that their students can apply new skills, expand their networks, gain deeper knowledge, and consider a variety of perspectives in order to better address practical problems at an individual level as well as within their organizations, communities, and society at large (Walden, 2015). I do believe this is incorporated in the curriculum in the Master of Psychology program. Some of the skills that have been acquired that I can apply to my field in the future to make positive change are learning how to gather data appropriately, knowing if the research is justified, grounded, and scientific, as well as knowing the distinct benefits and shortcomings of quantitative vs qualitative vs mixed method approach research.

The extent to which my newly acquired research and psychology knowledge and skills from this class and program that can support my role as an agent of positive social change in my future could be using today’s social determinants  as an intervention, promotion, and research avenue for healthy behavior change. Social determinats of health, as defined by WHO, “ are the conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work and age”. (WHO,2017). The social determinants now are the new wave of mobile apps, online ads, and dating sites that make hook ups, relationships, and meet ups a lot easier and at the same time increase risky behaviors. The new social norm is the internet, mobile apps, and computer generated ads and communication. Health professionals are doing everything they can outside of the cyber-world, but perhaps the next step is to gain more of a presence online? Therefor the next step in my future of health psychology, health promotion and disease prevention, could be prevention, intervention, and communication using this new social norm in the digital age. The knowledge gained in this class as well as the Master of Psychology at Walden University will certainly aid me in this venture and direction.

The social determinates can be influenced by money, power, and resources at a small local or global level. These social determinates of health are mostly responsible for the health inequalities that we see today. Therefor it is very important to keep them in mind when trying to attain positive social change in a society. It should be implemented culturally appropriate and at a moderate pace to allow for natural integration and social spread. If introduced and integrated too much too fast and without culturally appropriate measures, it can be misconstrued, perceived the wrong way, and completely miss the aim of the positive social change itself and I believe a perfect common ground for social positive change is through the internet and mobile apps, such as an HIV prevention and testing promotion campaign on dating/hook up apps for at risk individuals  or as one example.



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