The selected case study is that of Frank who is a 45-year old gay male who is seeking out the psychotherapy

The selected case study is that of Frank who is a 45-year old gay male who is seeking out the psychotherapy because his boyfriend has refused to have sex with him. Usually, many couples need help with sex, and the emotional torture that Frank is currently undergoing is due to being denial sex. When such situations (sex situations) are addressed, many issues or other problems can be fixed because it is always hard to be angry at someone who is giving pleasure. An ongoing, reliable, and the gratifying sex life can sometimes help in solving significant issues such as sexual problems which seem to be the cause of confusion in the life of Frank.

Orlando Bloom, who is the sexual partner of Frank, seems to be disgruntled about the frequency of lovemaking. Frank wants to have sex more frequently than his partner. Without a doubt, the great friction in these couples is that one person is a person is a continuous source of frustration and entropy. The worse situation, in this case, is doing something that one particular person does not want to satisfy the need of another person. It is important for Frank to actively appreciate being in a relationship with a human and not a robot. This is important in building up resentment. Frank, therefore, requires a strategy for getting sexual needs and desires to be met. Bloom also requires a strategy for meeting the needs of Frank which does not feel like a capitulation (Michael, 2014).

Therefore, addressing the situation of these two partners requires a solution which favors them all. Based on the structural functionalism theory, it is important to regulate the sexual behavior in ensuring that the marital cohesion and the family remain stable. In this case, the relationship between Frank and Bloom has to be stabilized through having a strict focus. To address the psychological or the mental issues which seems to be the key issue of why Frank seek the psychotherapy procedure, it is vital to have the two partners sit together. Based on the arguments made by the functionalists, the partners especially Frank have to be told about the importance of regulating sexual desires and activity. Bloom is also encouraged to be aware of the importance of sexual activity since it intensifies the existing bond between them (Lindsey, 2015).


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