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Final Argumentative Research Essay with Refute Paragraph

Topic: Advertisements and their Effects on Us Choose ONE position:

Position 1: The Negative Effects of Ads

Position 2: The Positive Effects of Ads
Your essay and Thesis Statement should clearly show the position you chose about ads and their effects.

Length: 5 paragraphs (Introduction (5-6 sentences), 2 Supporting Body Paragraphs (6-9 sentences each), Refute Paragraph (5-7 sentences) and a Conclusion (4-6 sentences)).

Research/ Sources: As a research paper, it should have quotes and references from outside sources as supports to your claims.

So, in your essay, you should refer to/use/quote from the 2 texts I provided (Primary Source) and you should also do research using Google Scholar and/ or LAVC Library Database for credible information and use 2 credible sources to quote from in your essay (Secondary Source).

You should use the 2 provided texts and 2 researched sources
You should have 4-5 In-Text Citations /Quotes (no more) from those sources (both Primary and Secondary sources)

Researched Sources: 2 credible sources (article, book, journal, news, scholar essay) Use LAVC Library Academic databases and/or Google Scholar for the credible sources.

Ø (Optional) You can also use 1 non-credible source: YouTube Video, Ted Speech, Poster, a visual, quote, data/statistics or information from a website (information searched via regular search engines)

DUE: The revised, typed finalized essay is due on Thursday, Feb. 6- on the last day of our class meeting.


How to start:

  1. Read the assigned 2 texts about ads.
  2. Consider the Essay Prompt: choose if you are FOR or AGAINST the ads (if ads affect us positively or negatively).
  3. List reasons for your chosen position and pick 3 good, strong reasons that you can develop each into a full paragraph.
  4. Formulate your thesis (Complete or Fully-developed) which should show your argument and the 3 reasons that you will develop in the body paragraphs following the order you listed in the thesis.
  5. Choose an advertisement (image or a video) to use as a supportive example (if you state that ads affect us positively as they bring awareness, inform us, and…, your ad should show one of your statements/ it should be informative or should communicate a message of awareness).
  6. Start drafting! STRUCTURE: 5 Paragraph Academic Essay (Introduction, 2 Supportive Body Paragraphs, Refutation Paragraph, and a Conclusion)

Essay Structure:

Introductory paragraph: Start it by introducing your ideas about ads and their effect in general. Provide some general and background information about ads. (You may also include information about ads in the past and now). Your thesis should show if you believe that ads affect us negatively or positively. State why you think so/ State 2 reasons to support your argument.

Body Paragraphs: Each body paragraph should start with a topic sentence that indicates one of the reasons claimed in the thesis and the rest of the sentences of the body paragraph should develop, explain and support that reason. (Body 1 will develop and discuss reason 1 claimed in the thesis and Body 2 will develop reason 2. Body 3 will refer to reason 3).

In your body paragraphs (supportive sentences) should also refer to the assigned text (s). You may also refer to your chosen ad as a supportive example.

For example, if your thesis states that ads help to make right choices, and pay for our shows; and movies.
* For one of the body paragraphs, you may also write about different techniques (like color choices, use of

celebrities, propaganda, etc.) that ads use to either affect us positively or negatively (whatever your choice was).

Refute Paragraph: acknowledge that the opposite argument is also an option for consideration. Then validate it providing one benefit to that counter argument. Then dis-validate that advantage showing that it is actually a disadvantage or can lead to disadvantages. Finally, rebuttal, to restate YOUR claim/choice!

Conclusion: Refer back to the general topic of ads /Loop back to intro. Restate the thesis and provide a

feedback/ solution/advice. __________________________________

Here is a more detailed explanation of the assignment’s expectation:

The Final should follow these guidelines:

  • Should consider the provided texts on Ads, but should argue upon ONE stand/choice.
    So, choose One of the views discussed in the texts and explain your reasoning for the position you take.
  • Should have introduction, 2 supportive body paragraphs (that support and develop your position/argument with the reasons), a refute paragraph ( that validates the opposite position and then is dis-validated, and a conclusion.
  • Should have a clear, strong thesis (argument) that shows your position
  • Should have 1 real ad example that supports your argument or any of the supporting points
  • Should follow MLA format and citation guidelines for in-text citations and Works Cited page
  • Should have supporting information (citations/quotes and references) from the 2 texts I provided and 2 other sources that you will research on your own) —————————————————————————————————————————————— GRADING DETAILS of the Essay: 40p Organization 5p

• Paragraphs’ length and structure / development

Thesis 5p
Example Advertisement (attached) 5p
Integration of Sources 10p: In-text citations/ quotes and references from the 2 provided texts and from the researched credible source(s)
MLA Format and Works Cited page 10p
Mechanics 5p


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