Mixed methods research design involves a little more than just joining together qualitative and quantitative research designs.

Mixed methods research design involves a little more than just joining together qualitative and quantitative research designs. Mixed methods research involves bringing the two together and adding a technique that best models what researchers truly practice (Johnson & Onwuegbuzie, 2004). With this, the aim is by bridging the two together, the strengths can be maximized and the weaknesses lessened in both quantitative and qualitative research models (Johnson & Onwuegbuzie, 2004). Mixed methods research uses philosophy and meets in the middle to address all major points of the other research designs and maintain validity by addressing empirical observations.

Some of the best research questions that can be addressed by the mixed methods research design include needing a middle ground between philosophy and skepticism, rejects\ traditionalist views, see the physical world and its importance and human experience, knowledge is viewed on what is lived in and experienced, instrumental theories, empiricism as well as pluralism, among other criteria (Johnson & Onwuegbuzie, 2012). Research questions need to involve both qualitative and quantitative views in order to involve mixed methods designs.

A strength of mixed methods research is that you can combine two different views in order to best measure and gather data for a particular research problem and question. As well as this method aims to use the strengths of qualitative and quantitative research designs to reach the best outcome. A limitation of mixed methods research is that the categories used that are studied may not produce the correct understandings as well as it can be challenging to complete both qualitative and quantitative work to arrive at a mixed methods research design.

Mixed methods research can prove to be very beneficial by gathering different perspectives and having more than one method to conduct a study. You can get the best of both worlds in a sense and meet in the middle to achieve a desired outcome. Mixed methods research aims to rely on strengths of quantitative and qualitative research models and pull from that to best serve knowledge and gather information. Collins and O’Cathain (2009) relate in their points with mixed methods that a researcher can choose specific research to appropriately address their objective, purpose, and research question. It is important to use particular research to address the goal of what is being studied and it aids to be able to have the utility of mixed methods research design and combining models.

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