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Note: your own words ON THIS ASSIGNMNET.!!!!!!!!!

Note: MPH practicum project in mufti specialty private practice ;( pediatric, adolescent, urgent care practice we be held the practicum)

· Multi-specialty medical practices

Make sure your Learning Contract follows these requirements:

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•         Please answer the questions with specifics and detail.

Vague or generalized responses will not be accepted. Give thoughtful, substantive responses.


* Identify 5 competencies that you will achieve with this practical experience. At least 3 Public Health Competencies must be from the 22 Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) prescribed Foundational Competencies. A list of competencies is provided on page 7-8 of the Learning Contract document for reference.

o   Then include (at least) 2-3 specific activities that you will perform to help you achieve each of the 5 competencies.This section should be completed in a collaborative effort by the student .


*****Below are instruction and examples (write private clinic pediatric, adolescent, urgent care practice we be held the practicum)

1. You might also provide some education to the patients on various health topics( diabetes, obesity, immunization etc.

2. Create wellness programs, conduct research on patient outcomes or needs etc.

I do need you to add the information directly to the Learning Contract. I see that you identified 3 competencies, you’ll notice on the Learning Contract that you need to identify 5 total (3 of these simply need to be from the CEPH list, all 5 can be identified from that list as well) and include 2-3 activities you will be completing as part of the experience

Remember, this should be more of a project based experience so what project will you be working on? You also want to be sure that this experience is Public Health related,

You could always take an epidemiology approach and create a project related to the causes of various health outcomes in the population that this clinic is supporting, you might also provide some education to the patients on various health topics, create wellness programs, conduct research on patient outcomes or needs etc. Please work with your words. identify the project, competencies and associated tasks then include them in the

The actual competences are those that are listed with a number in from of them (1-22). You should be selecting a competency from the list of 22 and then identifying 2-3 activities that you will be completing during your experience that will allow you to demonstrate use of the competency. Below are some examples that you can see what I am referring to and should help you create your own. You can see the level of detail in the examples, clearly articulating the activities of the project and how they are connected to the competency. This is what needs to be included in your Learning Contract related to your experience.

Example1: CEPH Prescribed Chosen Competency 1: Analyze quantitative and qualitative data using biostatistics, informatics, computer-based programming, and software, as appropriate.

         Activity 1:  Collect data from state database of all kidney transplants and analyze the demographics of this population. Also divide data of living donation demographics and deceased donor demographics.

         Activity 2: Collect data from Dialysis Units and analyze demographics of this population.

         Activity 3: Compare the transplantation rate via living and deceased donors with recipients

Example 2: CEPH Prescribed Chosen Competency 2: Interpret results of data analysis for public health research, policy, or practice.

         Activity 1: Interpret data collected of the candidates on waiting list. Separate by socio-economic status, race, and where they live.

         Activity 2: Interpret the data collected regarding the demographics of candidates at dialysis centers. Are there certain demographics that are more predominate at the Dialysis centers and what is the breakdown of this difference?

         Activity 3: Interpret the rate and demographics of recipients with living donors. Is there a significant difference in transplantations of living vs deceased donors per socioeconomic, race, gender?

Example 3:  CEPH Prescribed Chosen Competency 3: Discuss the means by which structural bias, social inequities and racism undermine health and create challenges to achieving health equity at organizational, community, and societal levels.

         Activity 1: Identify the potential social disparities of patients on waiting list. Are there areas with more potential barriers due to race, economic status, or gender?

         Activity 2: For patients on Dialysis, what are the members of the population with more representation and why? Are the populations represented have less access to healthcare in relation to co-morbidities that lead to kidney failure?

         Activity 3: Why do certain demographics of the population have more living donors? Is this a racial or economic issue?