Group Work: Select a group to work with (4-5 members).

Group Work:

Select a group to work with (4-5 members).

Within your group, select a generation that you will be catering to

(i.e. toddlers, school age, adolescents, adults, older adults)

One person in the group must take on the role of the following:

  1. Education/ Recreation
  2. Community Member/Parent or parent      committee 
  3. Political Decision Maker/Financial      Support
  4. Social Advocacy (i.e. SSW, Social      Justice Advocate, etc.)
  5. Interpersonal Communication Specialist
  6. *Other 

*(if doing an *other, please substitute one of the categories: your group can create another category; however, please ensure they are relevant to the topic).

*4 of the 5 major topics must be covered. 

Interpersonal Communication & Social Advocacy ARE MANDATORY

Your task:

The Canadian Government has legislated that “All citizens are to complete the Interpersonal Communication Course.” It is your task to introduce Interpersonal Communication (IC) to each citizen.

Present the needs, benefits, outcomes, etc. and a 5 year plan of what the community will look like after your team engages the community with these Interpersonal Communication services.

Your group will submit a research paper, pamphlet/flyer, presentation (20-25 mins), as well as an evaluation of each member.

The Research Paper is worth 40% (2-5 pages), the Presentation is worth 40%, the Pamphlet is worth 15% and the (honest) Peer Evaluation is worth 5% and is 100% confidential (others will not see what you submitted in your peer evaluation). The peer evaluation will be completed ONCE THE PRESENTATION IS OVER AND SUBMITTED TO INSTRUCTOR AT THE END OF CLASS.

SEE RUBRIC (attached separately).

Group Assignment Rubric

Student Names: _________________________________________________________________________ Date:­­­­­­­­ ____________________ 


Excellent   (5.0 – 4.0)

Appropriate   (3.75 – 2.25)

Below   Expectations (2.0 – 0)


Overall Organization

and Work

Paper   demonstrated a well-organized creative and knowledgeable presentation.

Hard work   evident

Reading audience   very engaged in presentation

Some faltering   and disorganization of written material

Disorganization   and uncertainty noted

Paper was too   short or too long,

Limited effort   to engage reading audience

Explanations   failed to demonstrate theory and helping skills.

Reading audience   not engaged in written material



Paper outlined   relevant Canadian research related   to the topic

Format for writing   the paper was clear and concise.

Absence of grammar   or spelling errors in paper enhanced its’ message

Research   presented was incomplete; unclear; out of date; or excessive. Little or no   Canadian perspective. Format for writing the paper was appropriate. Some references   provided.

Some grammar and   spelling errors in the paper.

Research lacked   Canadian content.

Failure to   provide major issues associated with client population


Helping Strategies, Theory and Values

Clearly outlined   and demonstrated theory, helping skills and values according to needs of the   topic and capable of sustaining the community for 5+ years.

Partially   outlined theory, helping strategies, and values according to needs of the   topic and able to enhance the lives’ of the community members

Did not   demonstrate helping skills and values   effectively

Very disjointed


Client – Professional Relationship 

The relationship   between each Professional and the community was both authentic and   genuine.

The relationship   between each Professional the community was appropriate.

The relationship   between the Professional and community was not believable or realistic.


Marks For Written work Total 5 marks

1 mark each


Š Executed a seamless transition from start   to finish

Š Creativity demonstrated

Š No spelling errors in Paper

Š No grammar errors in Paper

Š Professional language used throughout



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