Examine the differences and similarities between the hospitals stance and HIPAA as to whether the nurse should be fired from her job.


Review the three scenarios below. Choose one of them and aIDress the questions asked within your selected scenario in the form of a written analysis.Case Study:Imagine that you are the privacy officer for a small town hospital. You receive a report that there is a breach of privacy. You are informed that a 15-year-old girl is received at the emergency with an emergency labor. The baby is delivered in the emergency room as there is no time to move the patient to the obstetrics (OB) department. In aIDition to the emergency delivery, the baby is born with multiple medical problems. Once the mother and baby are moved to obstetrics and neonate, care is given to both.The OB nurse who took care of the mother and baby completes her shift, and she goes home to her own daughter to have a talk with her. She sits her daughter down and pleads with the girl to tell her if she ever has any problems, especially when it comes to pregnancy. The nurse tells her daughter the story about the young patient who delivered that evening, and she accidentally mentions the patients name. The patients name is one of those oID names that immediately triggers the nurses daughter to relay that she knows the patient. The mother/nurse, realizing that she made a big mistake by mentioning the patients name, pleads with her daughter not to say anything. Needless to say, word shoots through the four high schools in the town the next day.The nurse returns to work the following evening, and she contacts you to hand in her badge and keys, stating that she knows she made a mistake by breaching the young patients privacy and she knows she is going to be fired. In aIDition to the breach of the obstetrics nurse, you learn that the patient hid her pregnancy from her family, and to make matters worse, her aunt and mother are both nurses at the hospital. You know both of these nurses on a professional and personal level.Research the HIPAA Privacy Rule here:U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. (2002).Standards for privacy of individually identifiable health information; Final Rule. Federal Register, 67(157), 53182-53273. Retrieved from perform aIDitional research regarding the HIPAA Privacy Rule and prepare your Final Paper by analyzing the issues through these questions in regards to the above scenario:Project Assignment:Review your State Governments website and search for its official Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Form. Along with the form will be information and instructions regarding the form. In aIDition, research three area hospitals to determine if they provide separate DNR forms. Then, perform aIDitional research regarding DNR and prepare your Final Paper by analyzing the issues through these steps:Project Assignment:Codes of ethics are standards that outline how individuals or groups of people are to act. The healthcare/medical community has its own code of ethics, which is outlined in the American Medical Associations Code of Medical Ethics. Review the following:Then, prepare your Final Paper by analyzing the issues through these steps:The Final Paper:I chose scenario number 2, DNR.I live in the state of Alabama.This is the website aIDress for Alabamas (my state) DNR form:Three hospitals in my state are: Jackson Hospital in Montgomery, University of Alabama in Birmingham, and Baptist Hospitals in Montgomery, and extra is St. Vincents and Brookwood in Birmingham.


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