Australian Health System Academic Essay


Due Date: 1st June
Total Weight: 45%
Word limit: 3000 (2900 – 3100) (Reference section at the end of the assignment is excluded from the word count)
Format requirements: Time New Romans, 12pt, 1.5 spacing, 2.5cm margin, justified
File Name: Initial_Surname_AHS (for example: A_Hughes_AHS)
First page: Student full name, student number and total number of words (excluding references) should be included in the first page.
Focus of the Assignment (regardless of the submission option you have chosen)
The development of the Australian health workforce requires a holistic approach with multilevel involvement. Government alone or a single strategy is inadequate in sustaining the workforce to meet the increased demand for health services. In the National Health Workforce Innovation and Reform Strategic Framework (HWA 2011 p14), published by the former Health Workforce Australia, the following five domains for action were detailed:
? Health workforce reform for more effective, efficient and accessible service delivery
? Health workforce capacity and skills development
? Leadership for the sustainability of the health system
? Health workforce planning
? Health workforce policy, funding and regulation.

Please choose two domains of action as the focus of the assignment and discuss to what extent these two specific Domains for Action have been successful in implementation and translation at the organisational level. Note:
? Please use your organisation or the organisation that you are familiar with as the focus of the discussion. Giving examples may be an effective way of demonstrating the relevant actions taken / strategies developed and implemented.
? If you are not currently working in the health sector, you can focus your discussion on a non-healthcare organisation. Please discuss your ideas with the Subject Coordinator prior to developing your assignment.
? International students are encouraged to base the assignment on a non-Australian-based healthcare organisation or system.

Please note:
? Read widely such as case studies, research articles etc to assist you with developing a reasoned argument in order to successfully respond to the topic;
? Your work will be marked with reference to the criteria set out in the marking table;
? Be aware of the issue of plagiarism. An assignment with plagiarism concerns will be immediately reported to the Head of School for further action;
? Make sure the majority of references are from academic publications such as books and journal articles;
? Conduct research and develop a better understanding of the healthcare system, health workforce and relevant issues before you start writing the assignment;
? Strike a balance between prescriptive information, critical analysis and discussion;
? Invest time in developing an Introduction and Conclusion to your work; and
? Use the APA system to reference your work. This system is used in many health science publications. Please consult guidelines on the APA referencing from the University website.

Standards of written work: effective written communication is vital for both academic and professional purposes and is part of the College’s graduate attributes. All students are expected to submit work of a high standard in terms of logic, expression, spelling and grammar. Sources used must be cited appropriately and a list of references must be provided. Useful advice on essay writing is to be found in the Study Skills Assistance Scheme Handbook.
Outline of the assignment must include the following details
Justification and explanation of overall focus
o Explain the two domains of action that you have chosen as the focus of the assignment.
o Use a sentence or two to describe the organisation or sector that you have chosen as the focus of your assignment
o Explain the approach you would adopt to discuss the assignment questions.
Brief summary of key sections: use a sentence or two to sum up the focus of each of the key sections to be included in your assignment (excluding introduction and conclusion). The summary of the key sections should be provided in sequence. Try to list the literature / sources of information you may use for each of the sections.
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